Two Reasons I Live Alone in Remote Alaska

(Mt. Iliamna, Sunset, 2012)

Two reasons I live peacefully and blissfully alone in the forest, hundreds of miles from roads or telephone lines:
1. because there is no going back (where is coming or going?)
2. it’s always better to be alone than in the constant company of those who live in fear

Some nice bonuses:
It’s nice to not hear anyone complaining sometimes.
It’s nice to just be happy and have some tea and listen to the wind and the birds and the sea sometimes.

It doesn’t make it easier to go through the endurance, but it makes me self-reliant so I turn always to my own mind/heart for peace and joy first, and don’t seek these in the minds/hearts of perceived others.
It also makes it easier to love all beings, and not feel all caught up in this or that or part of some other thing.

I’t also is like a gift and a wonderful blessing when I do see people, any people. It also makes it easier not to judge them despite what they appear to be caught up in, and just talk to them as human beings. So, no, it’s not any form of misanthropy.

It’s an act of love. To bring the heart of love to fruition, we sacrifice some things we may have enjoyed, but that don’t help others, and learn to enjoy the most simple things that nurture and bring joy and love to all beings. Equanimity and lovingkindness then become the focus, rather than living in a world where there is competing or compelling, and struggling against others… People bring that socially attached mindset here in the summer when they fish: partially peaceful peaceful, partially struggling, partially kind, partially cruel…

I wondered once why monks and nuns go to monasteries and don’t live in the world. Then I realized, well, they still live in the world…

Plus the carbon footprint of this lifestyle is about 5% of the traditional American lifestyle, with just my low powered solar panels and tiny wind generator.. Plus technology is such that I can communicate with people in town.

But really, there is no need to organize with Love. Love doesn’t need a movement or a group to be strong. Plus all beings of love are connected by Love in the Heart/Mind/beyond, just like beings caught in a net of hatred and anger connect through the lower centers and act upon things with their minds, and attack the hearts/minds/beyond of love, but love endures, and so there is no real need for technology or even conceptualization for everything to happen perfectly and in accordance with how it should be.

11 thoughts on “Two Reasons I Live Alone in Remote Alaska

    • Thank you Brian. Yes, it’s something I always wanted to do all of my life, but definitely couldn’t explain why, and it seemed like most people didn’t quite understand even when I tried to explain it. Then I thought, “Am I justifying this to myself or to others?” and just did it. So now, it’s just life, and really, there is no need to explain it much, so it’s getting easier. Though I don’t mind civilization per se, it never seemed like society or cities were any safer or easier on the mind and soul than living alone in bear country. Some people think off the grid life means to drop out of society. That seems self-defeating and limited to me. As a human being who has something to offer, it feels pretty good to make a small contribution with some love and joy in my heart, from a peaceful place, and also say what I want say, while living the life I want to live. Could be worse.

  1. This isolation from the world is beneficial only to those who have no debts to banks.If I were a man I would isolate somewhere in the mountains away from the bustle of everyday suffocating.In what concerns you have won a friend to change a few lines.
    We will keep in touch.

    • It’s so beautiful and so quiet Pop. Plus, this is something I had planned to do for so long, and it feels wonderful to finally be living here. I am kind of social though (I’m only half-hermit I realize). I love people. I also love animals and nature though, and it certainly isn’t a lonely or boring life. I thank you for your frienship. I appreciate you.

  2. Your life does not arise as you imagined once.I love animals and even people who do not deserve it.I think this would be one of the reasons I want to be secluded somewhere in the mountains.Everything is utopia and dreams.Take care of yourself and nature.Waiting for news.:-)

  3. Hi, did you buy property? Or just moved into some remote land. Also how did you find the land? Also do you have any kind of income? If you do or even if you don’t what can you do to make money in remote alaska alone?

    • I bought the property in 1998 and finally moved here in 2010. I have a small income from stock dividends that helps a lot. Making money in remote Alaska is a challenge. I had a berry business for a while and that worked okay. Some folks commercial fish. Writing is always an option. We are working on a small remote lodge/wilderness retreat.

  4. Hi Caroline,
    I am planning to move to a remote place like you. Was planning to two years and I think I am ready. No debts, no problems. Love the nature, but afraid it will be colder than I think :). I love to hunt and fish. THe only think that bothers me all the time is people who talks about needing money in remote areas. Can I be totally independent ? To grow cabbage, tomatoes, cucambers etc. Apples can grow in that soil too. I know soil is bad but can be “cured”
    Thanks for your posts

    • Hi Georgiy,
      I wish you the best of luck and, yes, if you want to live with some basic comforts, you will need money. Some folks work out a bartering system with locals, there are lots of ways to skirt that system. Growing vegetables is only the tip of the ice burg and you will have your work cut out for you. But it will be worth it. Do your research. Try to learn all sorts of skills if you can. Have a way to store food or to get emergency supplies. Be prepared for emergencies and do some test runs. Try a couple of months at a time in a remote cabin and see how it works out maybe.
      God bless you in your endeavors.

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