Scantily Clad and Well-Armed on Hot Days

“Now become a warrior woman fighting for what she thinks is hers by right: the chance to live each day in peace serene and wise, maybe I would be; But first comes the battleground.”Warrior Woman, Fiona Davidson

I am wearing a micro-miniskirt and low cut shirt today and a .454 Casull – today it’s the Ruger Super Redhawk Alaskan, satin stainless, with the 2 1/2″ barrel (large caliber pistol). No animals have objectified me so far either.

Feels liberating. Maybe because when I did live in town where there were lots of other people around, I NEVER, EVER wore short skirts or low cut shirts (at the same time – either one or the other). Just didn’t appreciate the kind of attention it brings. It sucks to be judged at all. Living around people is so confining. I love being an iconoclast and flying in the face of conformity these days. It’s fun being a rebel and an, “outsider.”

When someone objects to someone’s clothes or how others present themselves, they’re kind of admitting weakness that they don’t like in themselves. “Don’t judge lest ye be judged,” right? It seems to go deeper than our (strangely judgmental) Puritanical roots these days. All over the world there is a horrifying decline in treatment and condtions of women and children. Blame it on the world economy and war, but I have my own theories.

Other countries like France, who don’t have the  same history seem much more backwards than they used to when it comes to their perceptions of women.  Simone de Beauvoir is no doubt rolling over in her grave as I write this.

As an artist,  I can’t help but think this irrational fear of women and womens’ bodies that keeps arising these days is partially rooted again in art and media. The taproot, the perpetuation of the degeneration, however is rooted in religions and politics, and I will definitely hit on this later.  However, not just history, it’s based on a terribly prevalent modern attachment of mind that is easily addressed and mediated.

“Long ago I was so scared of life. Now I grab it by the throat tightly and face all it brings me head on. I’m not afraid of anything anymore. Not even time itself can phase me. The new day brings its challenges I smile and take a step with hope. Nothing more will ever beat me.” — Warrior Woman, Fiona Davidson

(Greek vase depicting Amazon warrior in battle)

Did a lot of research on Amazons after college. From the vast number of archaeological sites and the art they’re depicted in, they certainly are not a, “myth.” There is some deep-seated fear in the divine feminine that people really have to get past to just understand themselves these days it seems.

From the historical accounts, when Amazons invaded, the countries they conquered inevitably always were very happy and relieved. It was their intimidation factor. They were the first armies to use horses, the first cavalry, had superior weaponry, and they used rhino and elephant skin armor that made them seem indestructible.

It’s also said they invented the compound bow.  Their high tech weapons gave them a strong advantage over the longbows and shortbows of the foot soldiers of other armies. Imagine the sound of thundering horses’ hoofbeats, the feeling of the ground shaking, and hearing their high pitched yells, but still no army in sight, no one to engage in battle. Then comes a shower of arrows from seemingly nowhere, men falling left and right, and then when they finally arrive, their painted heavy armor, strange horned and animal head helmets, and giant battle-axes and broadswords wielded from horseback cutting down men left and right. They were famous for the double-headed battle axes they wielded.

(Amazon preparing for a battle (Queen Antiop or Armed Venus), by Pierre-Eugène-Emile Hébert 1860 (National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.)

Also read that they invented the crossbow when they ruled the steppes of Mongolia, Southern Russia, the silk road, and Western China. They were truly badass bitches. Everyone wanted Amazons in their armies. The Trojans, famous for their patriarchal warrior society, were proud to fight alongside Amazon warriors.

When they ruled Libya, Libya and North Africa ruled the world. Art, agriculture, civilization, and martial power all originated from Amazons. They had giant boats to carry their horses and strong rowers, and traveled the entire world. They seemed to have a hand in all the strong feminine cultures around the world from Great Britain to the Americas.

The little, “Goddess,” figurines from Turkish and European archaeological sites were certainly not, “pornography,” just because they were nude as many Archaeologists today posit. It was a symbol of power to be nude (or scantily clad) in prehistoric and stone age cultures, not a symbol of weakness as it is seen as today.

I am actually a pacifist and really don’t believe in violence of any kind, but I love things that bring balance, and the Amazons balance out history perfectly. The perception of woman as this, and man as that are imbalanced today.  We are often treated like a different species of animal, rather than human beings. Plus Amazons show that humans are much less dualistic in nature than today’s socialization and patriarchal propaganda teach us.

“In my wildest dreams I never thought I would be the person I have become.” –Fiona Davidson, Warrior Woman

I also love the idea now of being an arms-bearing  vegetarian pacifist in a state that kills and eats a lot of animals. Never appreciated being pegged a, “stereotypical Alaskan,” though yes, I have lived here much of my life. Born in Alaska, grew up in Alaska. My grandparents were born here.  So I am a living anachronism, a true Alaskan iconoclast this lovely summer day; exercising my 2nd Amendment rights with aplomb and some style while showing lots of leg and cleavage.

So, as I walk, well-armed and scantily clad through the forest, I fear no bear or any other animal or man of any size or nature. And right now I need the sun on me. I have a new appreciation for my legs these days. They look awesome to me now, and I am just happy with what I have. They help me get from place to place. It isn’t just the yoga, it’s mostly the mind it seems.

Clothes are very important in our society.  I have to admit, I find clothes confining and have something of a nudist bent. Most of my life, whenever I was alone, or not in mixed company, I rarely wore clothes in the summer heat. I read it’s traditional for Tsimshians to go without clothes in the summer, so maybe it’s my genes.

Since I live like I do, I wouldn’t even be wearing clothes on nice days like today if I didn’t carry the .454 Casull and bear spray around. Already tried the naked gun thing, but the gunbelt cuts into my waist and the holster chafes my thighs. Nudity works better with rifles.

4 thoughts on “Scantily Clad and Well-Armed on Hot Days

    • Thank you Ray’s mom. I am just so tired of the one-sided view of history we all get.
      “Representation of the world, like the world itself, is the work of men; they describe it from their own point of view, which they confuse with absolute truth.”
      ― Simone de Beauvoir

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