I am just your mind talking to you, saying, “LOVE. I love you.” I am just your love talking to you, saying, “Mind. All mind.”

All things have the nature of mind. Mind is the chief and takes the lead. If the mind is clear, whatever you do or say will bring happiness that will follow you like your shadow.

All things have the nature of mind. Mind is the chief and takes the lead. If the mind is polluted, whatever you do or say leads to suffering which will follow you, as a cart trails a horse.”— Dhammapada

It always comes back to the first sentence. As Jesus said in the Gospel of Thomas, “Take up your place at the beginning.”  Every holy book has the same beginning. Whether it’s overt or not, they say those two stanzas. In the Kabbalah it’s called running and returning. When it runs you return it to its place.  After all, “where is coming or going?” The nature of everything is mind.  The nature of mind?  LOVE.  See?  Simple.

Everyone Really is saying the same thing.
They say, “I want.” they mean, “love.”
They say, “I’m happy,” they mean, “love.”

Love heals. Love is mind. Mind heals.

Tshimshians have no written language for a good reason. Only carved house fronts and totem poles. Because when you write it, it loses something, but when you feel it, then it begins to bring it all back together. That is mind.

“As soon as there is language, generality has entered the scene.”Jacques Derrida

Buddha isn’t just a man or men who lived a long time ago. Buddha is everywhere. Buddha is you. Buddha is mind.

First it starts with All… then it moves to things. Then it moves to heart. Then it moves to mind. Then it moves to nothing. That is mind.
“A drop of dew. A flash of lightening. A bubble…” All mind.
“No eye, no ear…” All mind.

The first words of the Bible in Hebrew read, “in the beginning, Ein Sof created God.”
So who is Ein Sof?
No Thing and All things.
All is mind.

Ein sof is self. Surrounded by light, the center is dark, empty. In Kabbalah we back into Ein Sof. Into nothing without fear…. Same thing as in Buddhism. Same as in Islam. After we enter the spheres of light, we enter pure darkness. Then what we see is pure white light. They say light surrounds Ein Sof.

It’s all the same religion: It’s all Mind.

“Everything is the same,” is an experience, not a thought.

“Everything is emptiness,” is an experience, not a thought.

“Everything is perfection,” is an experience, not a thought.

It’s all a love experience.

It happens in stages.  Beyond form. But we can’t really call it formlessness, though it is called the formless realm. Just beyond form. In essence we’re all formless. It’s not about “powers” or doing things, it’s about how much love you are capable of giving. How much love is your mind?  Mind is beyond form. Love is beyond form. It’s all mind, it’s all love.

Earth to water to fire to air to aether to mind to emptiness

First we think we are made of clay and earth. Then we open the spigot. Then it becomes a fountain. Then a river; then then sea; then the sea joins with fire travels through the air (heart) and enters into space (mind). Then we expand that love to fill all space and refine it in the one drop in the heart (heart + mind). Then we enter into bliss. Then we transfer consciousness. It’s the SAME in every religion. I could never not be the same. It’s always earth to water to fire to air to aether to mind to God or No Thing. All mind.

You see, Jesus is in your heart. Johnny Cash is in your heart too. So is Janis Joplin. Buddha is in your heart. Everyone and everything is in your heart. Not because they’re alive or dead or gods or not gods… That is not anything to worry about. Because Love is in your heart. Heart is mind.  We bring the Lord of Love (think of him as Jesus or whoever you want. That lord of love is in every self: all things and no thing.  Call him or her what you will) out of him sheath like it instructs in the Upanishads and EVERY OTHER HOLY BOOK and put him in his spot. He leaves the heart and sits above the head. That is why Joshua’s spirit was twelve feet tall. He had transferred consciousness. Just alow all perfection to be.

Live here where the roads cross in the heart: the road of suffering and the good red road always cross here, the center of the sacred hoop is not in the hoop any longer. When we all are at the center, there is no hoop. Just love. Just mind.
Let eagle fly to the top of the tree of life. Just mind.

Then you begin to see and live… Life is not confusing.

Is a perfect tree a symmetrical tree? No.
So we can’t judge a tree on how close or far from symmetrical it can be.
If a wind came and knocked a piece of bark off of a perfect tree, would it be any less perfect? No.
Because, is the wind somehow imperfect? No.
Is having bark or not having bark a mark of perfection? No.
It’s all mind. Mind tells us what to see.
It all tells us to SEE LOVE.

Theoretically, we all know. Everyone knows.
Love is the answer. Love is the key. It’s all mind.

But not many folks ever apply themseves to rid themselves of fear and enter Samadhi. Then not many who enter Samadhi ever enter Nirvana. Only Buddha can make Buddhas. Not many folks recognize what enlightenment is or who is really enlightened. It’s a very good thing. Holy people can live in peace and be normal. What is a holy person? YOU are a holy person. Just a matter of seeing. Only poisons of mind stand in the way between seeing and not seeing.

Some times are more enlightened than other times. The time we live in isn’t an enlightened time. Every holy book says that too.

Yes, we die and go to Heaven… But every time we exhale, that is a small death. With every breath we enter heaven and the inside becomes the outside, and then the outside becomes the inside.

Every time we experience joy, that too is a small death. (Death is removing the ties to the body – either mentally or physically or spiritually – but all these are mind)  Every moment of joy we enter heaven.

Don’t worry about coming or going.  “Where is coming or going?” That goes for this world and the next. They’re all here. Right now. Just mind.
Don’t worry whether it’s this or that. It’s both and neither. All mind.

So don’t worry about space ships, little elves, or anything else. If you see these, fine. Good for you. Just mind. All mind.

Don’t worry about any thing.

Rebirth is rebirth of mind. Rebirth of love. Born again in Heaven. Same thing.

They’re all saying the same thing. LOVE. All is mind.

No life or death. We are reincarnated sometimes thousands of times in one lifetime. Everyone is the walking dead. But they also are perfect in their mindlessness. They think they are speaking selfish words no one has spoken before, but they are not original, not one thing is unique. It’s all the same…. and they are really only speaking the words of…”God.”

Yet not God in the same way as maybe they think. God is not separate, how then God? Different, but the same. Not outside or inside. Both, but the outside is also the inside.  Not even oneness, because where are the other numbers in oneness? There are NONE. None other. No others. All mind. All love.

You go where you put your mind. So put your mind on perfect love. God is perfect love. Perfect love is also perfect love. However you want to see this, it works. No words or names are needed. Love works

I am just your mind talking to you, saying, “LOVE. I love you.” I am just your love talking to you, saying, “Mind. All mind.”

See how it simplifies things?
Then knowing all or not knowing, or being happy with not knowing or trying to know are all moot points… Nothing to worry about. No need to worry about knowing or not knowing or how much you know or don’t know. All things are in love. All is mind.

The answer is always clear.

Love makes everything clear.

..simplifies everything

And love is relaxing, and joyful and fun, like being a little kid.

See how the answer can naturally arise with every question (no need for a question mark). There is no need to know all, but all is known already in love. Love is ALL.

No fear of not having an answer. No figuring it out or trying to know. All is mind.The answer arises naturally with the question. BECAUSE: It’s ALL already mind.

See? Simple.

It doesn’t take being smart, and it isn’t about being blissfully ignorant either…Just love, and then we begin to understand what they call in Buddhism the, “nature of mind.”

Then what is mind? Not exactly what some may think or believe mind is. Mind is an experience, not a thing.  Mind is because mind isn’t. All is mind. All is love. The old mind dies into love, the new mind is born, but where is mind in love? Thinking “just love,” and loving, “just mind,” changes thoughts into love. So mind is heart and heart is mind…

It has nothing to do with thoughts, or at least conceptual thoughts.  These are radiant thoughts.  Radiant Immediate Awareness = refined love awareness.

All is awareness, all is mind, all is love.

Grow your love. 
Everything on a spiritual plane is amplified when we focus on it.
Everything in the physical plane dissipates when we focus on it.

You are the source of love.
— All is Mind. Essence of Mind is Love. Nature of Mind is Love. All is Love.



Samaya rgya rgya rgya!


7 thoughts on “I am just your mind talking to you, saying, “LOVE. I love you.” I am just your love talking to you, saying, “Mind. All mind.”

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  2. Everything is coming out of the mind. The thinking can get to the being.
    Jehovah, God the creator of all things is Spirit, who lets His Spirit dwell on earth to foster and breath all beings. All people, believing or not, are made in the image of God. He is also the person who allows by His love to have people going their own way, and let them experience several things. They either can follow His guidance or go their own way. But God had also provided holy men, prophets and master teachers, like Abraham Isaac, Jacob and Jesus, the last prophet often mistakenly taken as god the son instead of being recognised as the son of God, like we all are children of God, but who was more special. Also that son of God spread the call of Love, like other before and after him did.

    The problem with the world is often that it does not want to listen and see what nature tells it. Often humankind does not listen to other wise humans, like Mahatma Gandhi and others. They are mostly so interested in them selves that they do not see the rest of the world.

    But then there are also those who want to share their Love, and its them who can make a better world to live in. So lets us build the right mind and take on a good attitude, respecting everything around us, caring and loving others.

    • True, thinking can really oe bscure what is real. Love is real. Love is the underlying truth. Love is the warp and weft from which this world is woven. The instructions of God are very good and teach how to love. Every prophet is wonderful. Jesus called himself the Son of God and he was. Yes, I am a Daughter of God. You are a Son of God. Everyone is the only begotten child of God. We are all emanations of perfect love, not just created things of clay. As such, we have never been separate and never will be separate. Worshipping eachother doesn’t help as much as being compassionate and loving one another. We are all perfect in that image. Sometimes that perfection seems to be hidden, but it’s there because love is there. Love doesn’t leave or come or go. It only seems to because of mind. The clay doesn’t seem so perfect sometimes. Wanting doesn’t seem so perfect. But everything comes from perfection an returns to perfection.
      Jesus reached a very high level of understanding, that is very true. He had great ability to love unconditionally and very beautifully. Vimalakirti speaks of the mustard seed. Knowledge of the mustard seed is knowledge of very high level bodhisattva, higher maybe than Buddha. Jesus had no gender bias, but Buddha did, and they lived in times where it was very difficult to be a woman and there was much discrimination, so Jesus could have been like the other Jews of the time, and no one would have blamed him. But he wasn’t. He was different. He was a man of deep compassionthe who did not look to the clay to define himself and others.
      Gandhi definitely was a true bodhisattva in every sense of the word, and he really did much good in this world.
      Yes, many are not good at listening. Many seem disconnected from nature. The best we can do is love and listen, and often, when we do, we learn so much. Yes, sharing feels so much better than taking or wanting or needing anything, and the world it creates is so much better than the world we see when we are afraid of losing something or think we want or need things. Every religion of love tells us the same thing: love one another and treat eachother the way we would like to be treated. Iappreciate your comments. Very true, and very interesting.
      A good attitude is very important. Step by step, with every step a prayer, love makes the world a better place.
      Blessings and love.

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