Going.. Going… Gandhi! Before Someone Takes My Semi-Autos Away, Let’s Explore Some History

Just after this lovely sunset here at the cabin, the entire sky turned dark pink. At the same time, in Colorado, a man walked into a movie theater and shot 70 people, injuring 58, killing 12.


In light of the sad events in Aurora Colorado, there have been some recent heated discussions about banning semi-automatic weapons. So, I thought, how can I not cherish a viewpoint? Then I remembered, don’t think, LOVE.

I figure, hey, I’m not running for office here. I have no political agenda. I’m not a member of the NRA. I’m not affilitated with a political party. I’m not a sheeple. I have a right to free speech. I can say what I want. This is not indelicate. I have no targets on here. I don’t blame people. I care about the victims. I also care about the victims of the recent bombing in Pakistan, mostly women and children. Same number, almost the same time. These events are not unconnected. No event is random and separate. No one really acts alone. I care about every victim of violence and oppression and every perpetrator of violence and oppression, and I have a solution to offer that is simple, and doesn’t cost money or require new laws, or the removal of protections under the Constitution. My solution affords individuals human dignity and respect.

The details of the event are horrific. Very sad. It is awful to see people suffer in such a way at the hands of someone who harbors so much hatred and utter disrespect for life and dignity, a psychopath enacting a twisted, violent fantasy of horrific devastation against innocent people who just want to be happy and live their lives in peace. Who on earth could have such callous disregard for life and not be concerned about suffering inflicted on others by their actions? Thinking of the families and loved ones who now wait for something to happen, to see justice done, to punish the murderer, and ideally, prevent things like this from happening in the future, and sending love and blessings and prayers to those suffering as a result of this terrible event. These things should not happen. Innocent people should not suffer at the hands of the, “harmers of innocence.” There isn’t much of a difference between the bombing in Pakistan, and the shooting in the US because the perpetrator is the same. We call it the, “harmer of innocence.” It’s an attachment of mind that can easily be removed with Love.


“It is when the mass mind is unnaturally influenced by wicked men that the mass of mankind commit violence. But they forget it as they commit it because they return to their peaceful nature immediately– the evil influence of the directing mind has been removed” –Gandhi

So, Hold On. This isn’t a, “cold dead hands,” thing but, there is a way to prevent a “perfect storm.”

Before anyone takes my semi-autos away, let’s explore some history, state the real problem and some realistic solutions… and somehow approach this issue without becoming polarized as a country any further.

In high school, even in the late 1980’s when the former Director of the CIA, George H. W. Bush was Vice President of our country, we discussed the fact that we just don’t seem to be living in a Democracy any more. Been thinking about gun control and automatic weapons since high school discussions, after several men took a semi-automatic, Chinese AK-47 (modified so it would shoot like an automatic weapon) and murdered several children in their school playground in a drive-by shooting in 1989. You will note that many horrific incidences, including the assassinations of our Presidents, are perpetrated by ex-military who were trained to kill perceived enemies, who just snap, and revert back to their dark brainwashing. They make perfect targets for radicalization, along with the youths and the disenfranchised in this depressed economy.

Military personnel need to be better taken care of. They need to be cared for when they return from combat. They don’t need to hear how much you love your political party or the flag, they need to hear that they are loved and respected as human beings. They need some help, not just financial in a down economy, but some spiritual healing of traumas done to their psyches at war. No one should fall through the cracks and feel like they are not loved and respected, especially those who have suffered so much. Listening to their personal recounts, the way that the victims of the Batman shooting react sound much like those returning from combat. It just isn’t something that can be described, seeing livings beings die in front of you. There is just nothing to compare that experience to. It takes something from a person that is difficult to replace. Some say it makes holes in the soul that are then filled with attachments. PTSD describes trauma that results in a variety of attachments, and therefore has a variety of symptoms which make it very difficult for folks to return to their, “peaceful nature,” as Gandhi describes.

Before we react emotionally to more polarizing issues, we should seriously consider pulling the reigns back on the war machine, stop treating industries as human beings, and start educating our police, armed forces, and children to be compassionate, and as a society, just not allow the creation of psychopaths and sociopaths. This starts at home and in schools. The only solution is the open heart, not more laws to be enforced by more psychopathic police with guns against an increasingly imprisoned and disarmed populace. A policeman just recently was pardoned after he shot a man brandishing a stick at him in Anchorage…  http://www.adn.com/2012/07/01/2528079/man-shot-by-police-at-south-anchorage.html

Violent video games and gory TV shows are proven to help create psychopaths and sociopaths. Should we outlaw violent games and CSI-type shows too? If people just didn’t participate in the things that bring them harm, harmful things would diminish. We go where we put our minds to paraphrase Buddha, what we think, we become. What we watch on TV, we begin to see unfold in our lives. What we eat becomes our bodies. So it goes for the mind as well. What we think, this is what we are. There is a place for everything, and I have nothing against CSI. It’s good to solve crimes. Its good to have Medical Examiners and Medical Anthropologists. These things are necessary for a society. It is just the mind/heart that needs to be addressed and this starts with every individual.

I don’t eat meat or hunt, but I own guns. Yes, the AK-47 is a gun made for war, but some use it to hunt deer. It has some domestic applications… and some appeal to collectors because of  the universal, inexpensive rounds it takes, and the wood stock. It can be used like a .30-.30 around the farm, takes wear well, and saves some money with ammo. People have their reasons for buying them. Reasons that are not generally sociopathic. Also, and fundamentally, however, it is our right to own these weapons. There is a good reason we have these rights. Those reasons are not based in hate and fear like many of the militias around the country and some in the Tea Party seem to believe.

“A government that is evil has no room for good men and women except in its prisons.”–Gandhi

It’s like the drug argument. First they made hard stuff illegal. Well, then the prisons are full of addicts who could benefit with some help, rather than some punishment. Then they made marijuana illegal and the prisons are full of average people with no problems except for the law and now we have a bristling international illegal drug trade that profits off of punishing innocent people every step of the way, from prisons to battlefield to poppy field, every link in the chain is corrupt.

“Among the many misdeeds of the British rule in India, history will look upon the act depriving a whole nation of arms as the blackest” –Gandhi

Making Tommy Guns with barrel clips illegal didn’t put an end to gangsters.

Legalize all drugs and guns and work on a smarter, more mindful and peaceful populace. We don’t need parenting in the form of police/government controls. We have the choice to say, okay, yes, I don’t need that stuff, thank you. The demand will go down when people open their hearts. We can then also trust, that if our neighbor is on the hard stuff, he won’t hurt us, or anyone else, because he doesn’t harbor hate or anger.

Personally, I have owned semi-auto rifles before. Nothing special there. I have a semi-auto .22 downstairs on the rack for example. It’s not a military rifle. It’s just a semi-auto. Haven’t even shot it, but it’s there. My parents own guns and taught us never to point (even our toy) guns at each other or living beings… I believe in personal responsibility and accountability. I own them only because It is My Right to own them, and I cherish every right I have under the Constitution. I am not a mindless child. I have no instabilities. I don’t get mad and shoot at people, and I don’t shoot animals. It is a responsibility to be a citizen of this country. It is a responsibility to maintain freedom. It is also a responsibility to respect life and respect liberty and respect the right to the pursuit of happiness of all citizens. It follows, that, as citizens who have been afforded these rights, we should respect all beings in this world.

Disarming the populace but giving the police force guns only results in more corruption and harming of innocent people like the man with the stick who was shot in Anchorage, and the man with the carving tool that was shot in Seattle last year when he was crossing the street. There is a better way.

Banning semi-automatic rifles is certainly not the answer. What about semi-auto, small caliber rifles like my .22, and pistols like my Mauser .32 automatic? There are maybe billions out there right now, all licensed by law abiding citizens, all over the US. It would cost more to enforce that law than it would to educate people to love each other by implementing a simple volunteer program.

Government control gives rise to fraud, suppression of Truth, intensification of the black market and artificial scarcity. Above all, it unmans the people and deprives them of initiative, it undoes the teaching of self-help” –Gandhi

The problem is the hatred, the anger, and the enmity, and the terrible attachment of mind called, “the harmer of innocence.”

The solution is love, not law. I would rather see drilling for oil and gas be made illegal before automatic weapons are banned.

Lots of folks may think it’s not very realistic… But is an emotional, divisive, political reaction realistic either? When the heart is closed, everything is confusing and simple things seem impossible. People don’t quite understand what an open heart is, and the value it can bring, because, simply put, most people don’t have their hearts open, but think they do.  It’s a painstaking process, can take some time, and must be done by every individual for themselves, brings more joy than anything, removes anger, enmity, confusion, divisiveness, allows for discussion, and it will benefit all humankind. Simply following Jesus’ love commandments is one very effective way to open the heart. Love one another. Love thy neighbor… It could happen within a year.

Education is the answer. Look at our history. The National Guard killed thousands of Union protestors who just wanted better working conditions in terrible industries that make people sick, extract minerals and oil and gas, pollute the earth in the extraction, and pollute the environment when they are burned and utilized. Children and adult citizens should know our history.

Anyone who’s read Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle, has an idea of what it was like in the United States before Unions. The reason Trade Unions were created was because industries in general have always worked for profit and not cared much for human rights.

Industry and government have worked together for the profit of a few since before industrialization.  The National Guard and hired, “gun thugs,” and spies that worked for industry are responsible for the deaths, suicides and harming of millions of people all over the world.


Remember the 1913 (December 24, Christmas Eve) Calumet Michigan Massacre in Italian Hall and the Ludlow Massacre in 1914 (April 20th). The list is long. Corporations hired their own spies and, “gunthugs,” to intimidate workers into accepting low wages and dangerous working conditions and to discourage organizing into unions. The US Government worked with corporations and used the National Guard to harm and murder hundreds of thousands of citizens in the name of corporate greed.

Capitalism isn’t at fault. It was first conceived by Protestant Trade Unions in Europe as a social equalizer, and there was no real choice in the matter. Either time is traded for goods or there is a monetary system in place. Everything/anything can be abused by the abusive personality, especially trade and barter systems.

Now industries don’t need their own spies, they have the well-trained spies that our tax money pays for in the form of the CIA and FBI, other three letter organizations including the ATF and the DEA, the National Guard, and now the Military. The military have been used to raid marijuana farms in Northern California for almost twenty years now.

The US Government murdered hundreds of Native Americans, in the Sand Creek Massacre, November 1864, and at Wounded Knee, on December 29th,1890 where the 7th Calvary were sent to disarm all Lakota Ghost Dancers, and were collecting rifles in a pile in the center of camp when a deaf man named Black Coyote hesitated in giving up his expensive rifle. A scuffle ensued and a shot was fired, and the 7th Cavalry’s opened fire on the surrounded Lakota, murdering men, women, and children, and many of their own men. The Lakotas who still had their guns, had no choice but to return fire and were quickly mowed down by the troopers. The troopers shot unarmed men, women and children in their backs as they ran. Here is the (racist and biased – “tribesman?” How about, “HUMAN BEING,” or at least, “person,” crackers?) link to Wikipedia’s description. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wounded_Knee_Massacre the result was the murders of from 150 to 300 Lakota men, women, and children, whose bodies were left in the snow, photographed and then were buried in a mass grave. And the wounding of 51 people: four men, 47 women and children, and some mortally wounded died later. Twenty-five troopers also died, and 39 were wounded, six died later. “It is believed that many were the victims of friendly fire, as the shooting took place at close range in chaotic conditions. At least twenty troopers were awarded the coveted Medal of Honor.”

The biggest massacres of Americans which have occurred in the United States have always been perpetuated by the US Government against innocent people.

Look at the shootout at Wounded Knee that occurred in January 27, 1973 against the Oglala Sioux. Russel Means is still in prison. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wounded_Knee_incident

The oil industry, military, State and US Government now all work together to destabilize states like Alaska and treat us like a Third World Country, in the name of mineral extraction. Just like they do on Indian Reservations across the US. Military, Government and industry all fund the drones they are putting into action to fly over remote Alaskan areas like where I live, in the guise of searching for more mineral deposits, etc. to exploit for profit. When you say, “oil,” in Alaska, a large group of people only hear, “jobs,” and shut down and don’t seem to be able to communicate without getting angry and defensive.

Okay, even if we are very much like a Third World country, Third World countries deserve respect too…dignity and respect for all beings despite economic circumstances.  Third World Capitalism is horrible and makes our country look very exploitive and selfish, and gives more rights to the exploiters than to the victimized.

Government and industry like Big Oil create terrorists. They’ve been doing it for a long time. They fund the harming of innocence in the name of profit. That’s the nature of the industry. We invaded Kuwait for Oil. We invaded Iraq for oil. We invaded Afghanistan for oil. Our Government has had a hand in destabilizing almost every Central American and South American country. Now it’s been working hard to destabilize our economic system and democratic rights for almost a century.

“The Association for Responsible Dissent estimates that by 1987, 6 million people
had died as a result of CIA covert operations. (2) Former State Department
official William Blum correctly calls this an “American Holocaust.”
From: http://www.huppi.com/kangaroo/CIAtimeline.html

Black Ops and part of our military, under the command of our government, are responsible for the 911 bombings because of the terrorist training camps we implemented in Afghanistan in the 1980’s.  It’s no secret that government and dirty industries like big oil, mineral and chemical extraction create terrorists. They’ve been doing it for a long time. They fund the harming of innocence in the name of profit. That’s the nature of dirty industries. We invaded Kuwait for Oil. We invaded Iraq for oil. We invaded Afghanistan for oil. China invaded Tibet for oil and minerals. Mexico killed thousands of Zapatistas with the help of the DEA so they could take tribal land for big oil. Our government and industry has a hand in the destabilization of almost every African country.

They create and perpetuate a war machine that MURDERS and tortures innocent people (and other living beings thanks to industry) all over the world in the name of industrial profit and, “keeping the world safe for Democracy.”

We own the land here. Our Constitution is such here in Alaska, that Alaskans own the State, but you wouldn’t know it from the disempowered mindless anger, pro-industry brainwashed rhetoric that folks spout: free advertising for oil/gas– whenever they argue for their, “cause,” of big oil, and the strangeness that abounds here in the form of violent crimes against mostly minorities, women and children.

The open heart and educated peaceful and happy mind is the only solution. The conundrum with the high school discussions were the same. The typical Western response is always to polarize, act on emotion and treat the symptoms by adding more laws, eroding consititutional rights and giving power to an increasingly well-armed and increasingly sociopathic police force.

I didn’t have a better answer than choosing one side or the other in that very emotional argument then either. Now I do. AND I know it’s posssible, is realistic, and will work better than anything else.. Millions of us have a plan… To open hearts. Let’s do this! How? LOVE. Keep loving no matter what.

I say cut the black budget. Cut the oil subsidies and tax breaks for dirty harmful industries. Cut the war machine, then guns like that will be more expensive and rare…

These folks have been doing this for too long. Notice all the nutjobs who hate Zionists and Catholics these days? It’s a mind control program. It worked great in the Middle East against Christians and Sunnis, etc. and now they’re using it here. They love these big emotional, polarizing events. Politics and religion make it easy to manipulate and control with anger and zealotry, and now people get very fanatical and pugilistic these days about these subjects. To hate any group is WRONG. Hate is not the answer, it’s the problem.

The only defense against any of this is LOVE. Taking guns away from sociopaths and law-abiding citizens doesn’t solve the problem or create peaceful, loving sociopaths. If we do erode our Constitutional Rights in the name of fear and reactionary politics, what kind of US Citizens are we? There is a good reason and decades of work, by very mindful and intelligent people, behind every Amendment to our Constitution. We need to treat the source and protect what rights we have left.

We’re all getting hit hard with sound and electronic harassment. Everyone is being radicalized. Every life is undermined by the collapsing economy and terrible health issues in every family. Cancer, heart disease, degenerative diseases, are all at an all time high. Everyone’s life is destabilized by diseases whose treatements with Western Medicine are assaultive, and invasive, like chemotherapy, surgery and denatured drugs. Every right under the Constitution is being attacked. Every citizen of this country and every living being that lives in this country is under physical attack on a daily basis.

It’s not the people who are to blame. That goes for the folks that work for the three letter organizations and military who perpetrate violence against innocent human beings, and drive others to violence. They are also being victimized by their own actions, and will suffer terribly for their actions, probably more than any of their victims ever suffered. It’s called cause and effect, karma. Like Zimbardo’s prison experiments, those who turned up the dials and imagined they were torturing people with electric shocks didn’t know they were the actual subjects of the experiment….

Treat these particular symptoms that we are seeing like the event in Colorado by removing more Constitutional Rights and we will all see the Police State descend a little faster.

Notice George Bush Senior cries a lot? Bad karma. Good karma brings joy. 6 million deaths of innocent people and untold environmental devastation is a heavy burden of shame to carry.

There is a strange perpetuation and exponential growth of the harming of women and children all over the world and here. Look how our government is treating womens’ bodies these days. Those in power are an embarassment to our system of equality and justice because of the attachments they carry.

There is always a simple solution for every complex-seeming problem. The fact that nutjobs can increase (and we now know what causes it, or at least exacerbates it) shows directly that the number can also diminish. There are THOUSANDS of studies out there of how mindfulness, etc removes mental aberrance and helps people think clearly and compassionately.

Love is the answer. I don’t believe in always or never. Any other solution is just another stopgap or a fools errand.

I know my viewpoint seems controversial these days because I walk the line here, but millions of factory workers and union members from the turn or the century through the 1950’s would agree with me…as well as Woody Guthrie and Gandhi, two people I admire and respect immensely.

If only poor J. Edgar Hoover had opened his heart in his lifetime. Poor man had some attachments. The “harmer of innocence” is definitely an attachment that is treatable… The nutjobs are treatable.  Accountability works! Responsibility works! Every life is valuable and taking away some guns won’t prevent harming innocence (bombs, etc. in the future). Take a holistic approach, fund education, not more law enforcement against innocent people who own guns.

There is a reason we own guns.  Look at our history and our rights.

We made those Constitutional Rights to protect us, not to protect the government and not to protect industry, but to protect Citizens.

Gandhi had a good reason to say what he did about guns, an armed citizenry, and corrupt government policing. He had a lot of time to think while sitting in jail cells under British Imperialistic rule. And…Gandhi was right. There is only one solution: LOVE and the open heart. More laws and more policing don’t help. The non-violent, responsible, self-controlled, (did I already say…)responsible, compassionate, non-judging citizen who respects themselves and the rights of others and treats others with respect is our only hope.  I think Gandhi and Woody Guthrie would agree. Gandhi, Woody and I have a plan, and it works every time. This time it will change the world again, in a very wonderful way.

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