Great Vehicle. All Aboard! Always On Schedule. Beyond Time.

small breakthrough, encaustic on panel, 30″ x 24″, 2010

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Great Vehicle.  No need to check your tickets, you’re in the right spot.  You may hold tickets for Space Rocket, Space Shuttle, Airliner, Small Plane, Freedom Train, Electric Shuttle, Peace Train, Roller Coaster, Luxury Liner, Dharma Boat, Fishing Boat, Magic Bus, Cable Car, Muscle Car, or even Little Red Bicycle, Etc.. You are not in the wrong place.  As you can see, everything resides within the Great Vehicle; this universe, and every universe that ever existed through time.

You will note that everyone has their own window, and through this window you will see all of perceived reality.

As we appear to travel between realms, there will seem to be some sharp turns, steep hills, etc., so please keep your hands and arms within the vehicle at all times.  In reality, the Great Vehicle does not move, there is nothing outside the vehicle or inside the vehicle that can possibly cause harm, it is the mind and the view through the window which will appear to change for you.  Everyone’s view is a little different, but really, it is always the same view.

Please do not be alarmed if you do not see a driver of this great vehicle.  Remember, the Great Vehicle does not move, so there is no need for a driver, and be certain, that no matter how much turbulence you may seem to experience, this too is mind.

Do not be concerned if there are appearances that seem unpleasant.  Please remember these are impermanent.  You have before you a small list of the different realms you will see through the window, and a strange, (perhaps, seemingly) incomprehensible guidebook that explains these realms in detail.  Please note, there are many translations and many books as you can see when you look at the different books of other passengers here.  These books are also translated into many languages, and may seem very different, but in reality, they are all the same book, and this book is called mind.

As you go, it all will become very clear. The small list of realms is always the same wherever you go, so this will be important to know and understand.  Once you understand your own (previously seemingly incomprehensible) book, you will be provided with a concordance that will help you understand the books of other passengers.  Then it will be perfectly clear, that despite appearances, the books are always the same.

Please remain in your seat at all times.  If you change seats to see the view through someone else’s window, you will only see what you saw previously through your own window.  That will not change.

Remember, you are responsible for cleaning your own window.

Everything else will be taken care of for you.  You will be served the pre-ordered meals you have chosen, and these will be determined and perceived by you, by how you have cleaned your window.  The servers and the meals may appear different, but this is only dependent on how you have cleaned your own window.  Just remember, it’s all the same server, all the same food.  This is also not separate from self and Great Vehicle.

Do not fear the appearances through the window, or of the servers, no matter how gruesome, cruel, or stupidly happy they seem, this all is yourself, just mind, and in order to know yourself, you can’t harbor fear.

Do not be concerned, if after having cleaned the window, it starts to disappear, and all things around you fade into mind.

This vehicle may appear to some like a religion, a place a philosophy, a poem, a tree, a planet, a time, a school, a prison, but in reality it just is. It is what it is. Enjoy it.

7 thoughts on “Great Vehicle. All Aboard! Always On Schedule. Beyond Time.

  1. The breathing makes the being. The thinking makes the allowance to be taken on to the breath of life, either having the windows open onto the world or shut in privacy, not enabling to grow. Only by willing to step onto the Great Vehicle we sahl be able to see places, getting to know more and giving us opportunities to grow.

  2. Interesting. Yes. We all ride together in the dharma boat, but most do not see this. Yes Marcus, the breathing makes the being. That is a very great way of putting it. The window is the heart _/\_ and the mind… together. Some go through some effort to clean these and therefore some see more clearly.

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