Some Can. Some Can’t. It’s Okay & Earth Dreaming, Two Poems

(Red Perpective on 53 Stations on the Tokaido Lake by Hakone (Utagawa Hiroshige) pastel on paper, 24″ x 16″, 2008, by Caroline Kroll)

I have made the analogy before that enlightenment is like getting a new job. Say you’re a liver cell, and you are promoted to becoming a brain cell or a heart cell. The brain cell processes. The heart cell emits. We decide where we want to be eventually with our own thoughts, actions, dreams and goals.

Some play an eliminatory role, and this is their state of mind. Some digest. Some make. Some destroy. Some absorb. Some circulate. Some process.

Everyone can change. Everyone can get a new job.

We also can’t expect the liver cell to understand what it’s like to be a heart cell. An intestinal cell can’t expect a piece of food that is about to be eliminated from the system and go back to the earth to possibly understand what it is like to process them and remove nutrients. Some nerve cells know and understand the entire nervous system. Other nerve cells don’t.  Some brain cells know the mind and body. Other brain cells do not.

Everyone has their unique purpose. Everyone can know where they are. Everyone can change within the limits of what is knowable and not knowable to a cell. The heights any cell can imagine, those are the heights that cell can climb.

Each has its inherent dignity, and as such is deserving of life just as much as another. Each deserves respect.

some can, some can’t. it’s okay

Some people are not capable of pouring love from their heart to all beings.
Some people are very good at this.
It’s okay if some are not and some are.
Some can maintain peace when they are tortured.
Some can’t.
It’s okay if some
can and some can’t.
Some people are good at neither accepting nor rejecting.
Some people are not good at this.
It’s okay if some are good at this
and some are not….
Sometimes we suffer.
It’s good to suffer,
but it does not feel very good,
though the result of that suffering can
be much growth and joy.
Some can help with that suffering
by offering their hearts and kindness.
Others can only offer words like,
“bear your suffering, it’s yours to bear, and try to be kind.”
It’s okay if some seem like they have more to offer than others.
It just shows where people are.
It’s good to know where people are,
but it’s sometimes better to know where you are.
So, like my mother says, “Do you know where you are?”
Some see poison where there is purity.
Some see the clean as filthy.
Some see perfection as flawed.
We can’t help a blind man by
telling him to open his eyes.
We work very hard on ourselves and try to
help others, but often, that help is rejected.
Heaven is here, but many do not see it.
Still, nothing changes the underlying truth.
Nothing makes anything less or more perfect than it all already is.

–Caroline Kroll

Blue Winter Day, January, 2012, Caroline Kroll

earth dreaming

As you dream

earth dreams

earth dreams of you

–Caroline Kroll

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