Message to Nineveh


These last few days, a character from history and holy books showed her face in most everyday lives, and also synchronistically, lots of American living rooms, play-acted by a young woman for a few minutes. She said, “Look at me. Look what I have done to ‘mankind.’ Look at the world, look at yourselves. Tonight I bring war into your homes and across the world. Tomorrow rapes and war will increase in Kashmir. Millions of innocent lives will suffer now because of me. I hate women, I hate children, and I hate men.” It isn’t any human being. She is the personality of the divided heart. No one person is this personality. She roots herself in greed, ignorance and delusion, and causes confusion, sadness, and fear. No woman or man is to blame for harboring this attachment. Everyone has her. She is not separate from the collective unconscious. She can be the downfall of beings or the savior of beings. When she has been profaned, she profanes beings. She is the collective karma of a sinful nation. She looks like the face of evil to an evil generation, but she is just the image in the mirror.

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